Mitsubishi R32 GL35 High Wall Heat Pump
Small to Medium room system | Misubishi MSZ-GL35VGD

Latest Mitsubishi Release: GL Ecocore® Heat Pump Series

The GL Ecocore® high wall heat pump range is the latest release from Mitsubishi, and sets a new standard for energy efficiency and style.

  • 3.7 KW Heating Capacity
  • 3.5 KW Cooling Capacity
  • Ideal for a bedroom

The MSZ-GL35VGD heat pump has a COP of 4.59 which means for every 1 dollar you spend on electricity, you get 4.59 on heat output. That’s extremely energy efficient! This is in part due to the new R32 refrigerant which it uses, and the latest technology in high-density heat exchangers. And at 19db on its lowest fan speed it’s the quietest heat pump in its class!

7 Sizes Available: 3.2KW, 3.7KW, 5.4KW, 5.8KW, 6.8KW, 8.0KW, 9.0KW

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New Zealand’s Quietest Heat Pumps

Starting from barely a whisper, our GL Series allows you to feel the warmth, not hear it. The GL35 indoor unit starts from a hushed 19dBA on their lowest fan speed, making them New Zealand's quietest heat pump ever!


Energy Star

With cutting-edge inverter technology and the development of a high-performance heat exchanger, this GL Series has earned the Energy Star® mark. Our i-save and Econo Cool modes are included on all GL models. i-save mode allows you to save temperature and fan speed combinations, returning to these at the touch of a button and Econo Cool provides maximum energy efficiency in cooling mode.

* Prices subject to standard terms and conditions
  • Installed back to back
  • Includes 3 metres of pipework/ducting
  • Wired off an existing powerpoint circuit
  • Single level building, mounted on the ground
  • A quotation can be arranged for installations outside this scope
  • Installed in properties within BOP - please refer to towns listed on the Contact page
  • Advertised prices are available while stocks last 

Mitsubishi Heat Pump Features

energy star heat pumps

There are 34 Mitsubishi heat pump models ranging from 2.5kW right up to 13.5kW that have been awarded the Energy Star – meaning there is an energy efficient heat pump to suit your air conditioning requirement.

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Staying at the forefront of technology is of utmost importance to Mitsubishi Electric, their commitment to rigorous factory testing and continuous investment in R&D ensures products are of the highest quality and feature superior technology.

consumer recommended heat pump 2015

Each year Reader’s Digest completes their Trusted Brands survey to determine which brands provide the quality, consistency and familiarity that New Zealand consumers demand. Mitsubishi Electric has won the 2015 Heat Pump Category.

Unbeatable Quietness - the new Mitsubishi G Series

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