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For Highly Efficient & Effective Home Ventilation System

The Radiant Home Ventilation System has been specifically designed to maintain the air quality of your home to protect the ones you love. Radiant's intelligent technology works to ventilate your home, continually protecting it from condensation. Newly developed fans together with intelligent control technology delivers you the latest innovative leap in home ventilation systems. 

Unlike other more well-known ventilation systems, Radiant uses highly energy-efficient fans which cost comparatively little to run.


virtually eliminates condensation

Designed in NZ for the energy-smart and health conscious consumer

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Low-level ventilation means Radiant continues to ventilate where other systems switch off. A high-quality F7 filter captures pollens, dust and allergens from the air.


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Intelligent Technology

Radiant’s automatic 30-step intelligent fan speed controller provides optimal ventilation and condensation control 24 hours a day. The input for this is based on sensors in the fan which constantly monitor air quality.


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How Are We Different to better-known products in the market?

Radiant’s EC fans are up to 60% more efficient than conventional fan motors and have the ability to run at low speeds using as little as 3.0 watts to control condensation.


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The Radiant Summerkit is an add-on to the core ventilation system. During the hot summer days the Radiant ventilation system can’t cool you down, but by adding the summer kit, air from the cooler side of the house can come directly in, being filtered on the way. This increases your hours of ventilation, with more air changes to keep the air moving, for a naturally cooler environment.


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Model: Radiant XR04P

 Voltage (V/Hz):  230/50
 Power (W):  3 - 73
 Air Flow (m3/hr):  65 ~650 and 17~181 l/sec
 Static Pressure (Pa):  457
 Noise (dB):  31
 Speed (r.p.m.):  500 - 3000
 Weight (Kg):  2.5
 Specific Fan Power (SFP):  0.398 watts per l/sec
Energy Rating: A
Approval: AS/NZS 603350.2.80: T