Energy efficient heat pump for Tauranga property

Diamond Air has installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL42VGD Ecocore® heat pump in a property in Tauranga. This super-efficient model was ideal for the home, where this retired couple live. The medium sized room needed only a medium sized 5.4KW heating heat pump, so the GL42 was well suited.

The back-to-back installation was a breeze: we simply drilled through the brick wall, with the outdoor unit situated and sitting in a garden on pavers.

Easy To Use

We all want an easy-to-use system that will deliver heat efficiently, and that’s exactly what Mitsubishi deliver. The remote is super easy to use, ideal for older people who can get flustered with tricky devices.

With one button you can turn it on, with it going to the last temperature and settings that it was left on. And once set, all you have to do is press the “timer set” button, to make it come on and off automatically, on those cold mornings or when returning home from work.

The couple no longer have to use their fireplace or electric heater, and can now enjoy the benefits of a new, efficient heat pump.

Same Same?

Some people say to me, heat pumps are all the same. But, my friends, they are not. By saving a couple hundred dollars, sure you can get one that will work, but having installed many the other brands over the years, I know that there are some major differences.

The downsides to other brands can include:

  • they often have a much bigger indoor unit
  • they are louder
  • they are less efficient to run
  • parts can be unavailable if the heat pump needs repairs
  • larger refrigerant pipe sizes
  • thinner wall copper tubing
  • limited timer features
  • poor wall bracket design
  • some indoor units are rattle
  • lesser airflow from the indoor unit

Buy a good brand such as Mitsubishi and you will benefit from many years of RMD, and quality constructed, efficient heat pumps.

Features of Mitsubishi's GL Ecocore Series Heat Pumps

The Mitsubishi GL42 has many features. To name a few:

  • super-efficient R32 compressor
  • large high density heat exchanger
  • whisper quiet operation
  • I-save mode
  • 1 watt low standby power operation
  • blue fin outdoor coil protection
  • 7 day controller
  • optional wifi control

The Ultimate Heat Pump Endorsement

Often we get calls back from customers in a year’s time saying that they love the Mitsubishi heat pump and want another one in a different room. You can't get a better endorsement for a heat pump than repeat purchases! 

The Range

The Mitsubishi GL range has 3 sizes in the indoor unit. With the GL25, GL35, GL42 all being the smaller size, 799mm wide x 232 Deep x 290 High. This is rather small compared to some of the other brands, and when you are putting on a wall inside a room that you often use in the home, size does matter!

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