Mitsubishi Electric launches new heat pump ranges in 2019

Diamond Air has recently made the trip northwards from our base in Tauranga to attend Mitsubishi Electric's product launch event in Auckland. Mitsubishi Electric has made a leap forward in heat pump energy efficiency as well as setting new standards in design with their two new high wall heat pump product lines, the Black Diamond LN series and EcoCore AP series. 

Black Diamond LN Series – A Premium High Wall Heat Pump

Mitsubishi's LN high wall heat pumps feature their new HyperCore technology which ensures heating performance is maintained regardless of outdoor temperatures. This makes the LN series the only heat pump that offers a fully rated heating capacity right down to -15°C and is guaranteed to continue heating right down to -25°C.

This is more than enough to ensure your home will stay warm and toastie anywhere in the Bay of Plenty region, where temperatures seldom drop much more than a few degrees below zero, even in the coldest depths of a winter's night in Whakamarama!

The heat pump offers a unique and contemporary design and comes in three colours to suit your personal tastes and decor: 

  • Red Diamond
  • White Diamond
  • Black Diamond

You'll also get advanced features such as 3D i-See Sensor technology, patented Dual Barrier Coating, Plasma Quad Plus Filtration and Dual Split Vane Technology. R32 refrigerant delivers improved energy efficiency. Wifi capability is built in.

The LN HyperCore Series truly redefines the heat pump. There is an LN series heat pump available to suit the size of your home. Contact us today for a consultation.

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  • LN4-dual-barrier


  • LN12-independent-vanes


  • LN8-reflect-black


  • LN11-3d-airflow


  • LN2-black-room


  • LN5-plasma-quad


  • LN10-dual-vanes


EcoCore AP Series - New Zealand's Quietest Heat Pump!

Mitsubishi Electric's EcoCore AP high wall heat pump series features built-in Wi-Fi control, so you never have to return home to a cold house again. It's super energy efficient with the more environmentally friendly R32 EcoCore Technology, putting the 'eco' into EcoCore. And starting at just 18dBA*, this is New Zealand's quietest heat pump ever! Internal Dual Barrier Coating maximises energy-efficient for optimum year-round performance.

There is an LN series heat pump available to suit the size of your home. Contact us today for a consultation.

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  • AP25-Unit


  • AP-DualBarrier


  • AP25-HorizontalAirflow


  • AP25-Bedroom


  • AP25-Lounge-Wi-Fi


*MSZ-AP25 indoor sound level on lowest fan setting in heating mode.

The Product Launch

Keeping up to speed with the latest in heat pump technologies is an essential reason why Diamond Air are able to offer the best heat pump advice to homeowners in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. Check out a few snaps from our recent visit to Mitsubishi Electric's Auckland product launch event.

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