Noisy, faulty and obscure old heat pump gets replaced!

This heat pump is a Mitsubishi MSZ-GE42VAD2 high wall heat pump installed into a home in Gate Pa, Tauranga. The old heat pump was very noisy and had developed a fault. In this particular case, replacing this old unit was the answer, rather than repairing it.

The obscure old Blue Seal heat pump up on the roof proved to be impossible to get parts for, and simply uneconomical to fix.

Mitsubishi heat pumps, on the other hand, are worth getting fixed if they ever break down, and parts are usually readily available. This home did not have many power circuits in the house, a common obstacle when new technology is added to older homes. So we wired the new heat pump back to the switchboard and put it on its own circuit breaker to load it on to, and thus prevent unwanted overloading.

The indoor unit was put in the same place as the old; was piped down behind the fridge, and under the floor to the rear of the house. This positioning meant that the outdoor unit was hidden out of sight.

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