Why do we install Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps in tauranga?

Mitsubish Heat Pumps  are one of the top brands of heat pumps in New Zealand and around the world. Built to last, Mitsusbishi Electric use quality components in their heat pumps. Rigorous testing ensures that the units are reliable and energy efficient, and the company invests heavily in research and development. 

heat pump for relocated home

This old house has been moved onto its current section, and now has a new heat pump to keep the occupants warm in winter. We installed the heat pump into the home located just out of Katikati, Bay of Plenty, in less than a day.

This is the latest release heat pump from Mitsubishi, the MSZGL50VGD, from the GL Ecocore series. It has R32 refrigerant, and is an extremely efficient heat pump, with a COP of 4.19 which is extremely high for a 5.8KW heating capacity heat pump.

heat pump for bedroom tauranga

Pictured below is a Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VAD2 heat pump installed to a home in Bethlehem, Tauranga. This model of heat pump now has a new 7 day timer remote, allowing for 2 on/off periods 7 days.

Diamond Air recently installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GE42VAD high wall heat pump into a house located rurally in Pongakawa, Bay of Plenty.

bop installer mistubishi heat pumps