Fujitsu heat pump repair for Tauranga household

The Fujitsu heat pump in this Tauranga property had a fault with the indoor unit, for which Diamond Air was called in to diagnose and repair the heat pump. A fault code was flashing on the indoor unit and after assessing this heat pump we quickly identified the problem.

Mitsubishi heat pump repair Tauranga

This Mitsubishi MUZ-A26YV high wall heat pump at a Papamoa address suddenly stopped working. Diamond Air was approached to assess it, and repair it to get it going again.

Te Puna heat pump replaced due to rodent damaged

Diamond Air completed a job in Te Puna, Tauranga, where the existing Airwell heat pump was not working. Following some tests and upon removing the covers of the indoor unit, we found rodent droppings and chewed wires inside the indoor unit. The power was going to the indoor unit from the isolator, but no voltage or signal was coming out of the circuit boards.

anti corrosion for heat pump

Diamond Air has been tasked with stripping down a heat pump outdoor unit to apply an anti-corrosive coil coating. The heat pump was installed to a property in Papamoa, in the BOP, and as its location is close to the sea.

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