Mitsubishi Designer Series heat pump

The homeowner at this Te Puke property chose Mitsubishi's slim-line Designer Series air conditioner in silver to fit with the décor in her house. This Mitsubishi MSZ-EF42 heat pump is a very stylish model and is very energy efficient. 


Diamond Air has selected Toshiba commercial air conditioning units to install into a Tauranga business who require a stable environment in which to run their server equipment. 


Diamond Air has installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL25VGD  heat pump into a bedroom in an Ohauiti, Tauranga, home. Rated at 3.2 KW for heating and 2.5 KW for cooling, this heat pump is ideally suited for an average sized double bedroom and will provide year-round comfort.

The indoor heat pump unit is purposely situated opposite a doorway, so the airflow is directed through the open door and down the hall. Air doesn’t like going around corners, but we’ve found that if it is directly opposite a doorway, you can get more out of your heat pump.


Ceiling mounted heat pump cassettes are a less well-known cousin to the high wall heat pump, but offer some great advantages. We've just installed two Mitsubishi heat pump cassettes into a Tauranga home.

Prior to the heat pump installation, the only heating in the home came from a gas fire place in the lounge. Now, most of this large home has heating/cooling thanks to these ceiling mounted cassettes. 

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