Ceiling mounted heat pump cassettes are a less well-known cousin to the high wall heat pump, but offer some great advantages. We've just installed two Mitsubishi heat pump cassettes into a Tauranga home.

Prior to the heat pump installation, the only heating in the home came from a gas fire place in the lounge. Now, most of this large home has heating/cooling thanks to these ceiling mounted cassettes. 

Power surge likely cause of fault in Panasonic heat pump

This Paengaroa Kindergarten had a Panasonic CU-E15GKR (5.5KW heating) heat pump which we attended to due to it not working. We quickly noted that the Panasonic indoor unit had no power; it had an electronic fault on the indoor PCB. There was a lot of stormy weather before it faulted so it is likely that there was a power spike and this blew up the board.

Energy efficient heat pump for Tauranga property

Diamond Air has installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL42VGD Ecocore® heat pump in a property in Tauranga. This super-efficient model was ideal for the home, where this retired couple live. The medium sized room needed only a medium sized 5.4KW heating heat pump, so the GL42 was well suited.


The Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VAD2 heat pump is just the right size for this new container home. With the oudoor heat pump unit mounted on an exterior galvanized wall bracket, this container home can be transported anywhere, and – provided there is a power supply – the heat pump is still operational. 

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