WiFi control for Mitsubishi heat pumps

The best heat pump WiFi controller on the market has just got even better! The MAC-568IF-E WiFi interface has now been redesigned and improved, and its available to customers now.

By far the best thing about this new model, is that instead of only being able to connect with the WPS (button on the router that means you don’t have to input a password) it can also be connected by Access point mode pairing; typing the SSID into your smart phone or tablet. In previous installations it has been troublesome with some of the wireless routers which customers have had. Either the WPS button isn’t present at all on the router, or it has to be enabled through the routers software on the PC.

Heat pump installed with millimetres to spare

They said it couldn't be done…

Another local heat pump installation company said that a heat pump could not be installed in the homeowner's desired location, above a window at this Tauranga property. Diamond Air arrived at the home and saw that it was very doable, with a bit of extra effort, and some creative thinking.

Noisy, faulty and obscure old heat pump gets replaced!

This heat pump is a Mitsubishi MSZ-GE42VAD2 high wall heat pump installed into a home in Gate Pa, Tauranga. The old heat pump was very noisy and had developed a fault. In this particular case, replacing this old unit was the answer, rather than repairing it.

The obscure old Blue Seal heat pump up on the roof proved to be impossible to get parts for, and simply uneconomical to fix.

Get great deals on the NEW Mitsubishi GL EcoCore® Series

The Mitsubishi GL EcoCore® Series is the latest release heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric. This super-efficient heat pump features R32 refrigerant, new modern styling and is unrivalled for quietness, making it ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms!

  • Ranging from 3.2-to-9.0 KW Heating Capacity
  • Ranging from 2.5-to-7.8 KW Cooling Capacity
  • Ideal for any room!

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