Get great deals on the NEW Mitsubishi GL EcoCore® Series

The Mitsubishi GL EcoCore® Series is the latest release heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric. This super-efficient heat pump features R32 refrigerant, new modern styling and is unrivalled for quietness, making it ideal where it matters most – in living rooms and bedrooms!

  • Ranging from 3.2-to-9.0 KW Heating Capacity
  • Ranging from 2.5-to-7.8 KW Cooling Capacity
  • Ideal for any room!

 Mitsubishi ducted aircon system for Tauranga property

We've supplied and installed this Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system into a house in Bethlehem, Tauranga. The homeowners were drawn the quietness and efficiency of the Mitsubishi system. And we agree its a great choice! 

Pyes Pa homeowner snaps up our Fujitsu special offer

We installed this stylish Fujitsu ASTG14LUCB flat panel high wall heat pump into a new home in Pyes Pa, Tauranga. This Fujitsu heat pump -- currently on special this month -- is perfect for a medium-sized lounge.

Efficient heat pumps for high stud lounge and master bedroom

This Tauranga property has had a 21st century make over, complete with efficient heat pumps in the high stud lounge and also in the master bedroom.

The clients decided on a Mitsubishi GL Ecocore heat pump, which we recommended for the high-ceilinged lounge, due to it being extremely efficient. This heat pump features a heating COP of 4.19, which is outstanding for a 5.8KW sized heat pump.

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