heat pump for relocated home

This old house has been moved onto its current section, and now has a new heat pump to keep the occupants warm in winter. We installed the heat pump into the home located just out of Katikati, Bay of Plenty, in less than a day.

This is the latest release heat pump from Mitsubishi, the MSZGL50VGD, from the GL Ecocore series. It has R32 refrigerant, and is an extremely efficient heat pump, with a COP of 4.19 which is extremely high for a 5.8KW heating capacity heat pump.

We sized the heat pump on the initial visit, and the MSZGL50VGD unit was a suitable option. It has 5.8KW heating and 4.8KW cooling capacities, which is more than enough for the lounge and dining areas.

The heat pump's piping goes through the back of a cupboard, under the floor to the outdoor unit, which is positioned out of eye-sight, around the back of the house.

As there weren’t many power circuits in this old house, we wired the power feedback to the switchboard on its own circuit breaker, so the Mitsubishi heat pump won't affect the power with other appliances plugged into the power points.

Will a heat pump affect the operation of a TV?

I often get asked whether a heat pump affects a TV, when the heat pump is installed above. I have installed many units above a TV, with no adverse effect. The outside of the indoor heat pump is plastic, and the temperature of the air that comes out is much lower than 50 degrees, so it is no problem for TVs and other electronic home appliances.

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