Fujitsu Hi-Wall Premier Plus
Medium Room System | ASTG14LUC

The Fujitsu Premier Plus heat pump gives you 40 years of innovation in one heat pump. Its compact, slim design fits any interior and the many clever features will add more power savings, convenience, and healthier fresh air to create your warm and comfortable environment.

  • 5.4 KW Heating Capacity
  • 4.2 KW Cooling Capacity
  • Ideal for a medium-sized room



Set-and-forget remote

This smart, very thin remote has a large, easy-to-view LCD display with a one-touch button. Best of all is its built-in 7-day timer, so you need only set and forget. It also has sleep and standard program timers.

The ON / OFF timer can be set up to 4 times in one day and 28 times in one week, while the sleep and standard program timers can be selected with a one-button push. Once set to your requirements you can forget all about your Fujitsu, whilst living in the comfort of your perfect environment.


Human sensor control

The human sensor infrared technology senses human presence (and not just movement). So it will switch to saving operation 20 minutes after people leave the room. This will reduce the temperature by a maximum of 4C when in heating mode, until someone returns to the room – when the heat pump will return to the original settings. 

Just quiet!

Brilliant fan technology means that your Premier Plus is as quiet as it gets. In fact, quieter than a soft whisper.

Powerful operation mode

Powerful operation is boosted with maximum full power and strong airflow, which gives you both rapid heating or cooling, to change the room temperature quickly.


Indoor unit: quicker heating

Our indoor units are equipped with high-density multi-path heat exchangers to increase the heating (and cooling) efficiency. Quicker heating is achieved by adopting an open panel and large-diameter long fan which increases both air intake and outflow.

Outdoor unit: compact and quieter 

This compact unit has a DC twin rotary compressor to more effectively utilise the available high capacity. The operating noise is also reduced due to an efficient airflow structure design.

Blue fin protection

The outdoor unit fins are coated with a blue corrosion- resistant material to enhance durability and extend the performance life of your heat pump.

Healthy air filtration

The Premier Plus has Apple Catechin filters to collect fine dust, invisible mould spores, and allergens such as pollen from the air. It also has long-life ion deodorisation filters to absorb household odours such as kitchen and pet smells.

The result is a fresher, healthier home environment, which is why Fujitsu is recommended by Asthma New Zealand.

* Prices subject to standard terms and conditions
  • Installed back to back
  • Includes 3 metres of pipework/ducting
  • Wired off an existing powerpoint circuit
  • Single level building, mounted on the ground
  • A quotation can be arranged for installations outside this scope
  • Installed in properties within BOP - please refer to towns listed on the Contact page
  • Advertised prices are available while stocks last