heat pump for bedroom tauranga

Pictured below is a Mitsubishi MSZ-GE25VAD2 heat pump installed to a home in Bethlehem, Tauranga. This model of heat pump now has a new 7 day timer remote, allowing for 2 on/off periods 7 days.

Thoughtful installation provides an ideal solution

The indoor unit has been located away from the head of the bed (more to the center of the room) so that the occupants don’t get blown on while sleeping.

The piping between the indoor and outdoor units goes through the walk in wardrobe, high above a shelf which is barely noticeable once it is filled up.

The capping is 80mm wide, and is a very neutral colour, so it doesn’t stand out either. It then goes under the window and is connected to the outdoor unit which is around the back of the house, out of sight.

This Mitsubishi GE25 heat pump is ideal for a bedroom as it’s very quiet; only 19db on its lowest fan speed, which is the lowest in its class. The Mitsubishi GE25 heat pump is only 798mm wide and the outdoor is also very compact.

These customers will love this heat pump on those hot nights in summer and the freezing nights in winter.

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