anti corrosion for heat pump

Diamond Air has been tasked with stripping down a heat pump outdoor unit to apply an anti-corrosive coil coating. The heat pump was installed to a property in Papamoa, in the BOP, and as its location is close to the sea.

An outdoor heat pump unit can get a little corroded if no protective application is applied, just like if you parked your car outside, close to the beach for 5 to 10 years without moving it. The best course of action is to apply an anti-corrosive spray to the outdoor unit.

We apply two coats of protectant to the PC board and most parts of the outdoor unit, and leave it to dry before reassembly.

The Mitsubishi heat pump is well built, using quality steel and copper in its components, but nothing will withstand the harsh Papamoa salt spray without further protection. 

In this location, I would recommend reapplication every 2 years.

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