Cockroach infestation fries Fujitsu heat pump circuit board

This Fujitsu heat pump, installed at a rental property in Tauranga, was not working. The heat pump simply showed a fault code LED pattern on the indoor unit. Not much for us to go on!

After checking over the indoor unit, we ventured outside. We opened up the outdoor unit to inspect the electronics and found that it was littered with dead cockroaches. They had run across the outdoor PCB (printed circuit board), frying the insects as well as the circuit board.

Replacing the PCB got the heat pump working again. But the problem of the cockroaches may yet to be solved. 

These pests are a problem in the Bay of Plenty. Some areas are worse than others. However, a cockroach infestation is nothing an exterminator can't deal with. 

If you notice a high volume of cockroaches near your outdoor electronics it would be worth a regular inspection for signs of a bigger problem. You may find that pest control is preferable to potentially costly heat pump repairs!

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