Efficient heat pumps for high stud lounge and master bedroom

This Tauranga property has had a 21st century make over, complete with efficient heat pumps in the high stud lounge and also in the master bedroom.

The clients decided on a Mitsubishi GL Ecocore heat pump, which we recommended for the high-ceilinged lounge, due to it being extremely efficient. This heat pump features a heating COP of 4.19, which is outstanding for a 5.8KW sized heat pump.

In the bedroom they wanted to install the black Mitsubishi Designer Series heat pump on the wall, which has black wall paper behind it. The effect looks great, with a really modern look to it.

Both of the Mitsubishi heat pump units have the Wi-Fi controller, allowing them to control it when they are out and about, so they will never have to come home to a cold house again.

The pipework is installed into the back of cupboards, and neatly installed under the house to the outdoor units, which were installed under the front deck, out of sight.

A tidy job completed in less than 1 and a half days.

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