Heat pump installation for an upstairs bedroom in Tauranga

The Bay of Plenty summer in 2018-19 was another hot one, recording 36 days straight without rain and temperatures peaking at a record high 34°C. So the occupants of this home had us install a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL25VGD heat pump into the bedroom of their older, two-story home in Tauranga.

With the indoor heat pump unit situated in the upstairs bedroom, we installed the outdoor unit on a wall bracket, up above the clothesline. And rather than let condensation from the heat pump fall down onto the washing, we've piped it down to the garden.

After returning to the house a week later and talking to the owner, they said that because the indoor unit is opposite the hallway door, the air goes down the hall and has a positive impact on the other adjacent bedrooms. So the position on the wall that you install the indoor unit on is important if you want to influence heating or cooling to other parts of the house.

It won’t happen in all situations; normally my advice is that a heat pump will do just the room that it is in. But in this case, it has contributed to greater comfort to other rooms down the hall… this from the owner's mouth.

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