Heat pump installation in Welcome Bay, Tauranga

Much of our work is installing heat pumps into homes in Tauranga, where many homes have little insulation and have single glazing throughout. These properties really need a good quality heat pump to ensure the home is warm.

Diamond Air have recently installed a Mitsubishi heat pump into a home in Welcome Bay, Tauranga. The Mitsubishi MSZ-GL50VGD is the latest release heat pump and ideal for this Tauranga home. Installed just before winter in a downstairs lounge, part of an open plan second level.

The Mitsubishi heat pump is ideal for keeping this family warm in winter and cool in summer in this home with single glazing, and with plenty of glass in the lounge.

This installation involved drilling through the exterior brick and installing the outdoor unit back-to-back on concrete pavers on the ground.

The outdoor unit fitted between the bay window and the fence, so that it was out of the way of the entertaining area.

The Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GL50VGD heat pump has a rating of 5.8KW heating and 4.8KW cooling.

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