They said it couldn't be done…

Another local heat pump installation company said that a heat pump could not be installed in the homeowner's desired location, above a window at this Tauranga property. Diamond Air arrived at the home and saw that it was very doable, with a bit of extra effort, and some creative thinking.

Perhaps other companies don't share Diamond Air's skill level, experience or problem-solving abilities? We listen to what the homeowner has to say, and then do our very best to make it happen.

The owner is wrapped with the job, and very happy that we installed the super-efficient Mitsubishi MSZ-GL50VGD heat pump with a massive efficiency COP of 4.19, which is amazing for its class.

We placed the outdoor unit away from the entertaining area. Our goal is always to install the outdoor heat pump unit away from view wherever possible, or at least with as minimal visual impact as possible on the home.

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