This is a repair of a Fujitsu heat pump in Papamoa. The Fujitsu cassette in the lounge ceiling was installed by another company 1 year previous and had operated fine, until a fault code registered on the indoor unit.

After attending to the heat pump in Papamoa and finding out what the fault code was (compressor location error), we tracked the fault to the top terminals of the compressor which is located on the outdoor unit. The spade connector had obviously been a little loose (installed at the factory) and the compressor terminal had overheated.

Luckily the fault had been found in time, and only the lead running from the PCB to the compressor needed to be replaced. If it was left much longer, the outdoor compressor may have been compromised and would have to be replaced, which is a major repair.

This heat pump repair was all done under warranty, and completed promptly so the customer was not without their lovely Fujitsu heat pump for longer than necessary.

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