Diamond Air has supplied and installed this Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-GL42VGD heat pump into a home in Mt Maunganui, just before winter. 

We've strategically positioned the indoor unit in the corner of the lounge, beside a large window. We identified this location as the best place for the heat pump installation because the outdoor unit can be positioned directly behind it.

Known in the game as a "back-to-back" installation, this makes for the most economical heat pump installation cost. Most heat pump installers in NZ will advertise their prices as "back to back installations", which typically allows for up to 3m of ducting between the indoor and outdoor units. Do keep this in mind if you think you'd like your indoor/outdoor heat pump units positioned further apart. 

This super-efficient heat pump will keep the property's tenants cosy this winter, and cool when summer rolls around again.

The indoor unit looks great on the white-washed Lockwood-style timber that lines the inside of the room. Not your normal gib wall, but no problem for the team at Diamond Air!

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