Ideal air conditioning for apartment living in Tauranga

A Mitsubishi floor console air conditioner is the best option for this Mt Maunganui apartment. The top-most level of this three tiered apartment gets very hot in the summer months, and the owners thought this Mitsubishi floor console would provide the ideal air conditioning solution.

Apartments can often throw up some tricky installation environments, and in this case it took a little extra effort to get the pipes through a void, into a cupboard and then installing the outdoor unit on the lower deck which had no access.

The third level, where the indoor unit was installed, has angled walls following the roof line, which made it impossible to install a high wall heat pump, so the MFZ-KJ35VE floor console was the answer.

This quiet heat pump, with a heating efficiency COP of 3.80 will keep the occupants comfortable all year round.

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