Diamond Air has installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL25VGD  heat pump into a bedroom in an Ohauiti, Tauranga, home. Rated at 3.2 KW for heating and 2.5 KW for cooling, this heat pump is ideally suited for an average sized double bedroom and will provide year-round comfort.

The installation was a little tricky in this case, as the soffit on the outside of the building was much lower than the bottom of the indoor unit. But this is all in a day's work for Diamond Air! We have build up a wealth of experience installing high wall units in challenging situations. 

Going the extra mile, we weld all of the piping used in a high wall heat pump installation. The unit was installed correctly – we don't cut corners! – and so it will provide many years of trouble-free air conditioning. The customer is rapt with the result.

This back to back installation was installed within half a day. Check out the gallery below... 

Location, Location, Location!

The indoor heat pump unit is purposely situated opposite a doorway, so the airflow is directed through the open door and down the hall.

Air doesn’t like going around corners, but we’ve found that if it is directly opposite a doorway, you can get more out of your heat pump.

Moving Day

Recently, we had moved a heat pump for a customer from the corner of the lounge, and repositioned it over a breakfast bar and opposite their hallway. While we didn’t install it originally, we were able to help. And after catching up with the customer a while later he was amazed at the difference that it made just by shifting the heat pump to a more advantageous position.

His approximately 90sqm home is completely warm in the winter, where he would normally have to put heaters on in the kids' bedrooms at night. So the location of the indoor unit can be very important.

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