Mitsubishi ducted aircon system for Tauranga property

We've supplied and installed this Mitsubishi ducted air conditioning system into a house in Bethlehem, Tauranga. The homeowners were drawn the quietness and efficiency of the Mitsubishi system. And we agree its a great choice! 

The new Mitsubishi ducted heat pump system was purchased to replace the undersized––and poorly installed––Toshiba system in their new home. The Mitsubishi PEAD-RP100JAA ducted system is the perfect solution. With a 118kg outdoor unit you know it means business: the double-fan and superior electronic controls set this unit apart from the rest.

This heat pump's large outdoor coil surface gives it its large capacity and a high tolerance for colder weather. This property is a high-quality home and deserved the high-quality Mitsubishi ducted heat pump.

To minimise waste, we moved two of the original Toshiba heat pumps into the spare bedrooms and installed a new Mitsubishi GL heat pump into the master bedroom, which was much more efficient and quieter than the Toshiba heat pump.

The customers love their new heat pump units we've installed in their Tauranga home.

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