Mitsubishi heat pump repair Tauranga

This Mitsubishi MUZ-A26YV high wall heat pump at a Papamoa address suddenly stopped working. Diamond Air was approached to assess it, and repair it to get it going again.

The precise age of the heat pump unit is unknown; likely around 10 years old in our estimate. Rated at 8.1KW heating and 7.1KW cooling this heat pump was operating in a large lounge area.

The fault was an electronic issue in the outdoor unit, so after checking the availability for parts with Mitsubishi Electric, we ordered and replaced the outdoor circuit board which–amongst other things–controls the fan motor which wasn’t running too well.

With the heat pump parts arrived the unit was repaired quickly. The customer had an up-front repair price from Diamond Air, which the owner was perfectly happy with. 

Fortunately, Mitsubishi Electric is very good with supplying parts for their heat pumps, often stocking parts for 10-to-15 year-old units, and delivered overnight to us in Tauranga in most cases. 

I can’t say that about the lesser known brands in New Zealand, which can be extremely expensive for parts, or often discontinued. This means the customer would have no choice but to replace the whole system when perhaps only a PCB is required! Stick to the good brands that only experienced heat pump installer can recommend.

The lesson is to stick to the good brands that only an experienced heat pump installer can recommend.

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