Power surge likely cause of fault in Panasonic heat pump

This Paengaroa Kindergarten had a Panasonic CU-E15GKR (5.5KW heating) heat pump which we attended to due to it not working. We quickly noted that the Panasonic indoor unit had no power; it had an electronic fault on the indoor PCB. There was a lot of stormy weather before it faulted so it is likely that there was a power spike and this blew up the board.

We rang Panasonic for a part, but they said that the unit was obsolete and no parts availible.

Say what? Its only 8 years old!

We think that’s poor from Panasonic; not holding parts for that long. So the only answer was to replace it. The Panasonic heat pump was undersized, so we installed a correctly sized 6.8KW heating Mitsubishi MSZ-GL60VGD heat pump for the large area.

We installed the new heat pump on a Saturday morning, while the kids were away and so we didn't disrupt their day.

This Mitsubishi heat pump will be great for this Kindergarten. The teachers already love it on these cold winter mornings. No doubt they will set the timer for it to come on automatically to ensure a warm, healthy enviroment right throughout the day.

The new heat pump has R32 refrigerant running though it’s system. This operates at a higher pressure resulting in a more efficient, more responsive heat, than its older 410A models. Operating at a COP of 4.13 for this sized heat pump is exceptional, beating most in its class.

The large outdoor condenser coils are superbly built, for optimal cold weather heating performance. Smaller outdoor condensers can't handle the colder weather as much as the large Mitsubishi units can.

Positioned at the back of the building is the ideal place for it, away from the curious children.

This Mitsubishi heat pump for the Paengaroa Kindergarten, in the Bay of Plenty, will benefit the kids and teachers for many years to come.

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