Diamond Air installs heat pumps across the Bay Of Plenty region, from Katikati in the north down to Whakatane, some 90 km south-east of our base in Tauranga. We recently visited a home in Whakatane to install a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL35VGD Eco Core heat pump into the lounge.

This was a straight forward heat pump installation, where the indoor and outdoor units are installed back-to-back.

The small lounge was previously heated with a fire place, but had since been removed. This Mitsubishi heat pump will be extremely efficient in heating the room during Winter, and cooling the room in the hot Summer months. 

We took the extra step of welding the copper refrigeration pipes. This is best practice because it allows for a better connection rather than just using flare nuts, and thus eliminates any leaks in that connection.

We run nitrogen gas in the pipes while brazing so that carbon does not build up within the copper lines. 

We will travel to install heat pumps, from Whakatane to Katikati.

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