mitsubishi heat pumps tauranga

Mitsubish Heat Pumps  are one of the top brands of heat pumps in New Zealand and around the world. Built to last, Mitsusbishi Electric use quality components in their heat pumps. Rigorous testing ensures that the units are reliable and energy efficient, and the company invests heavily in research and development. 

Diamond Air install, service, and maintain Mitsubishi heat pumps, and it is obvious by touching and feeling the components that they are of a higher quality than other heat pumps that we have worked with. The weight of the individual parts is often heavier, as well as being better designed.

Everything in the outdoor unit fits nicely, including the insulation around the compressor which is there to reduce operational noise. The thick, rubber-lined insulator is professionally formed to fit inside amongst the copper pipes and around the compressor – all this making Mitsubishi Electric products much better than some of the cheaper units we encounter.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps are great for residential properties and businesses, featuring:

  • quiet operation
  • energy efficient
  • smart technology

Why choose anything but the best!

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