We've recently installed a Mitsubishi MSZ-GL42VGD heat pump installed into a Te Puke address. The heat pump is large enough to heat the lounge area and positioned so that the heat would flow through into the adjacent bedroom.

The size of the unit is a bit bigger than what is required for the area. Our philosophy is to go for a bit more capacity than what's strictly necessary. It's always better to spend a little extra to get a bit more capacity, rather than end up with not enough. The last thing you want to do is invest in a heat pump and find it doesn't quite heat the area as well as you'd hoped. 

The outdoor unit is installed back-to-back against the indoor heat pump unit, and placed on 2 pavers which were integrated into the rock garden. The power source was a little out of the way. We resolved this by installing a 20mm conduit over the door, around the back, and down to an existing power point.

This GL42 model is an extremely efficient Mitsubishi heat pump. It features efficient R32 refrigerant and has an inverter compressor fitted.

The Mitsubishi MSZ-GL42VGD is currently on sale for a limited time!

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